katalyst healing arts trance dance

Ecstatic Dance has been practiced for thousands of years.

The idea of getting oneself into a state of ecstasy to connect with Spirit, or for physical or emotional healing, can be found in cultures around the globe.

Trance Dance is a unique blend of healing sounds, dynamic percussive rhythms, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana. Together they stimulate a trance state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional well-being.

When your eyes and the eyes of those around you are covered, it eliminates the worry that some people have of being ‘watched’ while they dance.  It also blocks out any visual distraction for you as the dancer as you cannot watch others. This allows for a deeper experience of going within and helps to cut down the mental chatter that comes with comparison.  At first it may seem that being blindfolded is a limitation, but many people report that it is actually quite a liberating experience.

Trance Dances can be arranged for individuals seeking the experience at their own convenience, or for groups of all sizes. Contact me to discuss your needs today!

Kat is a Journey to the Heart certified Trance Dance facilitator.  She has been trained by Ernesto Ortiz, who was a good friend and student of one of the originators of the western Trance Dance movement, Frank Natale, otherwise known as Professor Trance. You can read more about Trance Dance by Ernesto, at www.journey2theheart.com


Katalyst Healing Arts provides Intuitive Healing Sessions, Workshops and Ceremonies for individuals and groups including Firewalk, Trance Dance, Board Break, Arrow Break, Rebar Bend and more. Shamanic Healing and Reiki by appointment.