Katalyst Healing Arts Glasswalk

Practicing Focus and Awareness

How many times have we rushed into projects or relationships only to get hurt?  How many times have we said “next time I would do things differently?” How many times have we even been afraid to take the next step because the road ahead appears dangerous or because we simply don’t know how or where to step next?

In this workshop we practice building intent and awareness and bring the focus back to how to carefully take the next step along our path to reach our goals, dreams and visions.

This workshop may be presented for individuals and/or for groups, alone or as part of another workshop.

The Glasswalk can also be presented in the form of ceremony.

Katalyst Healing Arts provides Intuitive Healing Sessions, Workshops and Ceremonies for individuals and groups including Firewalk, Trance Dance, Board Break, Arrow Break, Rebar Bend and more. Shamanic Healing and Reiki by appointment.