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Join the thousands of people around the globe who have been FIREWALKING For over 4,000 years, and release YOUR incredible human potential!

Firewalking has been used in various types of ceremonies around the world, from the Native Americans who would walk to gather energy before a hunt, to young girls in Bali walking to celebrate their coming-of-age.  You can find stories of the Kahuna Priests walking on hot lava in Hawaii, to African tribes walking on hot stones that have been heated for days.

Why would we keep doing something for 4,000 years??
A simple answer is, because it works!

Firewalking is a tool for deep transformation.  It has been used for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, or to energize a dream, goal or vision. For personal or professional growth, Firewalking can be used by organizations to help build team-confidence, for private groups embarking on a journey, or even individuals to commemorate a milestone. I am a Sundoor certified Master Firewalk Instructor who has helped hundreds of people walk through their fears and across the fire!

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Warning: Firewalking is potentially dangerous. Never attempt firewalking without the support and guidance of a SUNDOOR Certified Firewalk Instructor. SUNDOOR’s International Firewalking School is the foremost training ground for firewalking and offers the most comprehensive Firewalk Instructor Certification course available.

You can read more about Firewalking from the woman who brought it to the western world over 30 years ago, Peggy Dylan, at www.sundoor.com

Katalyst Healing Arts provides Intuitive Healing Sessions, Workshops and Ceremonies for individuals and groups including Firewalk, Trance Dance, Board Break, Arrow Break, Rebar Bend and more. Shamanic Healing and Reiki by appointment.