katalyst healing arts arrow break

The arrow-break stems from an ancient Fijian ritual which was shared with my Teacher Peggy Dylan of Sundoor. Peggy then developed it into the modern combination arrow-break and  prayer-arrow process that we know today.

The arrow-break is an external action that helps create an internal shift.  Shift happens!

This can be part of the Firewalk or as a stand-alone workshop, process, or ceremony.

You will have the opportunity to:
• Clarify a Dream, Goal, or Vision
• Connect more deeply to your inner guidance
• Identify limiting beliefs that may be holding you back
• Experience a powerful exercise to help you ‘break-through”
• Create, energize, and take home a beautiful prayer arrow

Contact me by email or phone 954-591-4481 for more information on how we can bring the Arrow-break and/or Prayer-Arrow to you and your community.

Katalyst Healing Arts provides Intuitive Healing Sessions, Workshops and Ceremonies for individuals and groups including Firewalk, Trance Dance, Board Break, Arrow Break, Rebar Bend and more. Shamanic Healing and Reiki by appointment.