Thank You For Your Kind Words…

If I had to pick one of the most wonderful spiritual fun nights of my life and name the top 5…THIS would be it… AND I didn’t even get the chance to walk because of my broken ankle… BUT I AM SO looking forward to the very next one. 🙂 –Patti W., NY

Thank YOU Kat! You created a Weekend of Beauty for sure! Beautiful moments, beautiful people, beautiful energy and BEAUTIFUL FIRE!!!  -JAS, NJ

The fire that scorches the earth has kissed my feet, rekindled my spirit and shown me that I can bend reality. – J, NY

Kat. You are a master of your craft. I love to be enfolded in your Fire Walk energy.  –Peter M., LI, NY

Thank you, Kat!!!! You are incredible, and I am so inspired by your journey, your leadership, your joy and all that is YOU!!! Such an honor to be part of the weekend and the ceremony! –Morgan E., NY

I was right where I needed to be at that moment. Thank Kat for giving me the space to experience the firewalk in the path Spirit had chosen for me. 😉 –Mary, NY

As always u illuminate literally and figuratively …it was an extraordinary experience and under your skillful guidance it was full of tradition and humor and encouragement and reverence for nature and love and making memories w PEARLS – Jean W., NY

It was a lot of fun and inspiring. I learned a lot and opened up. Thanx Kat!   -John, NY

I came to Fire Walking hoping to “GET” something; but found, that what I really needed to “GET” was within me all the time! I left that Firewalk screaming- literally… ” I GOT IT” I can’t tell you how powerful those 3 little words are! 
This would be my tag line! FIRE WALKING- “SEEK IT, TO GET IT!” 
Thank You Kat, you’re an amazing spirit! PUMA — Dawn Vasquez, PA

How can anyone put an experience with Kat into just words? Her spirit is infectious as is her positive essence. I have to say that of my many attempts to awaken the spirit within on my own, Kat did, and so easily that I was unaware. Her child-like outlook and her wondrous presence awoke something inside of me I believed to be long dead and for that I can never thank you enough, Kat. I just hope you realize that the work you do is sooo very important! ~Carol Marie, NJ

Tlazohcamati Kat! You are outstanding at what you do…your team is awesome…Costa Rica is fully in tune with your tranformational medicine…* -Robert Brealey, Costa Rica

We met the guys right after the Firewalk… inspiring, they were flying warriors! ~ A.M. Costa Rica

I have participated in both a Glasswalk and Firewalk facilitated by Kat. I love the way Kat quickly created a sense of community amongst all of the participants. Both experiences reminded me to reach out to my “real life’ community and inspired me to take the next step in my “real life’ challenges. Kat is genuinely passionate about her work. It was a gift for me to see someone living in such alignment….so connected to her passion and her calling and sharing it with the world. ~ J.A. Roselle, NJ

Fear based reasoning has on many occasions left me paralyzed and regretful of missed opportunities.  In November of 2011 I decided to attend a retreat at CircleOfTrees where Kat  was leading a Trance Dance Workshop, Firewalk and Prayer Arrow Ceremony.   And then it happened.  The sound of the arrow snapping was like music to my ears, the warmth of my first step over the threshold of the fire was like a kindling of my ancestry.  It was at that point I knew I was stepping into a whole new world and there was no turning back.  I was given a renewed sense of strength and re-birth.  In December of 2011 I recorded my first musical CD!  In January of 2012, I was asked to help facilitate one of the largest community drum circles in our area.  In the past, fear would have halted me in my tracks.  Today, I have this voice in my head that reminds me,”Always be in love with everything and be happy.”  Kat, I have begun to picture myself on the other side with Happy Feet. Thank you from the sole of my feet to the drumming in my  heart. Aho! ~ Deb M., PA

Kat is patient, understanding and compassionate, to the thought that one is not ready to walk….She is supportive and does not make you feel bad. Which for me was everything. I am grateful that have had the honor to meet Kat, I will continue to enjoy her smile and love that she radiates both online and in person. This is truly an experience that you need to see and if possible partake in it….Peace & Bright Blessings to all who may begin their transformation…~Namaste~Melissa Pitcher, Designs by Melissa NY

Thank you for your beautiful smile and the Love in your heart as it threaded through ours via fire flames and your passionate fire tending, rebar bending soul! ~ Sue Peterson

The most fantastic event of my life!! Thank you everyone! The transformations I saw in everyone were so incredible, words escape me. The entire evening was filled with so much empowerment & unconditional love! ~ Michele H., Pine Bush, N.Y

Thank YOU Kat!! Your ability to be so open and inspiring facilitated an event that was nothing short of life changing. I do hope I will be seeing you again ~ Nicole F., Poughkeepsie NY

The “Empowerment and Transformations” are off the charts. Your ability to facilitate self-healing and personal potential is fantastic. Keep doing what you do!!! You touch the hearts of many… Corvine from the Awareness Shop ~ New Paltz, New York

I didnt feel a lick of heat on my feet and not a mark. Thank you so much for being who you are and doing what you do. You are beautiful. Urock ~ Scott, PA

Hey circle people, The workshop last weekend was really incredible. Having chakra and trance dances with the fire walk and the prayer arrow ceremony was completely intense and amazing; a whole package that synergistically supported itself. I strongly commend Kathie, and totally recommend that everyone do this workshop with her sometime soon. And she makes really good raw chocolate balls too! Love, smiles, hugs ~ Peter

Kat Naslas, of Katalyst Healing Arts, builds deep trust with joyful enthusiasm to provide the human psyche with an extraordinary transformational experience.  Now that I know I can indeed walk barefoot upon a bed of hot coals, what else have I assumed about myself or my reality that unnecessarily limits my choices – my life?!  I now have a deeper belief in my own capabilities and an expanded sense of life’s possibilities.  ~ Jane Vieira

Kat’s workshops are a powerful way to take on life’s self made challenges by seeking solutions at their root. With her optimism and direct methods of reaching for our goals it has drastically affected my consciousness involving what I what to achieve for myself in this life. A fantastic experience ~ Grant, BC

Kat, Just a quick note to let you know how much my daughter and I enjoyed last night’s workshop. You’re an excellent teacher/guide. If in your busy schedule you find yourself back in PA. We both would love to be in attendance. Thanks again, and I hope to see you again. ~ Cook

A catalytic converter is a device that provides an environment for a chemical reaction wherein toxic combustion by-products are converted to less-toxic substances.  Similarly, a Kat-alytic Converter provides an environment for an energetic reaction and perceptual expansion wherein toxic and limiting thoughts may be transmuted into healing and personal empowerment.  I’ve been converted and have Kat Naslas to thank for facilitating that change in how I look at life’s challenges. ~ Val Vieira

Thank you for your beautiful smile and the Love in your heart as it threaded through ours via fire flames and your passionate fire tending, rebar bending soul! ~ Sue Petersen

Thank you again for a wonderful, Healing and transformational weekend. Our family is still dancing and singing in the effervescent HeartSong that we stirred up Saturday night! ~ Nate

A firewalk under the fiery yet gentle guidance of Kat Naslas and associates took me to a very deep place where there was a life-transforming lesson learned. The fire burned away a veil of illusion. Truly liberating! And Kat was so instrumental in creating and holding that safe and fertile space for it all to occur. ~ Martha

I highly recommend it to ANYONE who is looking to disolve his or her fear. It worked for me! ~ Ilka, WA

I would like to thank you for the Amassing event you create for all of us. You showed to us that any could do much more then we can imagine, that the world is much different compare what we were taught at school. Looking forward to experience it again ~ David B.

Hey Kat, I had surgery today, was scared and panicky…. I thought about our firewalk, and focused on that. I calmed down and everything went well:) thank you!! ♥ Aileen

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