Katalyst Healing Arts Firewalk Instructor Training
The ONLY comprehensive certification program in Firewalk Leadership, taught by Peggy Dylan and expert SUNDOOR Trainers.

We are absolutely thrilled to offer the world’s best, longest running and most comprehensive Sundoor Certified Firewalk Instructor and Empowerment Coach Training available, now as a 6-day stand alone training, without pre-requisites, qualifying you as a SUNDOOR Firewalk Instructor. Our training will give you all the information, skill, tools, support and the network you need to succesfully incorporate the firewalk into your own workshops and events!

During the workshop we will explore everything from wood types, fire building, coal beds, raking, tending fires, to firewalk safety, presentation skills and workshop timing.

We will give you as much personal experience with the fire as possible and guide you through the process of becoming the best equiped, confident, capable and inspiring Firewalk Instructor you can be!

On certification you will be authorized to conduct firewalks, arrow breaks and rebar bends with your own groups, and you will have access to our exclusive graduates’ forums, which host tons of information, direct links to your peers, online support, personal blogs from Peggy and much more.

In the Firewalk Instructor Certification Training you are taught all the intricate details that make the firewalk such a powerful tool for transformation.

During this training the SUNDOOR Certification Trainers will pass on their vast experience in firewalking and powerful leadership.

For those of you desiring to learn how to use inspirational tools including firewalking, the arrow break and the re-bar bend in order to create dynamic workshops for your own groups, there is no better training. The course is extremely comprehensive, covering everything from workshop timing and public speaking skills to all the necessary information for safe firewalking fires.



November 11-17, 2016
With Sundoor Trainers Angela Bard and Kat Naslas
Golden Wings Center Bon Aqua TN (931) 670-1143
Self-investment: $2600.
Finite number of spaces available
Non-refundable down payment of $600 required to hold your space.
Room/board separate with several options for all budgets

For more info please contact:
Kat 954 591 4481 / info@katalysthealingarts.com

Katalyst Healing Arts provides Intuitive Healing Sessions, Workshops and Ceremonies for individuals and groups including Firewalk, Trance Dance, Board Break, Arrow Break, Rebar Bend and more. Shamanic Healing and Reiki by appointment.